Vault 451
Vault 451 is a brand new augmented reality app that will blow your mind! Point your smartphone camera at our at our horse target and a 3D horse will appear right on your desk! Then tap the joystick to walk the horse around and tap A to have him jump. Download all 3 targets to see what else is in the Vault.
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Step 1: Download the app
Step 2: Print the Augmented Reality Targets

Click to download

Click to download

Click to download
Each target shows a different scene. If you don’t have access to a printer you can point your camera at your computer monitor but it works much better if you can print out the targets.
Step 3: Open the app and point your camera at the target
Run your virtual Ogre or Horse around your desk or kitchen table and show your friends your new pet!


1. Keep the target in view of the camera

2. Back up if necessary to give the character more room to move

3. Keep the target flat, a warped target will be not be recognized as easily
Step 4: Share your photos on Facebook
Run your virtual Ogre, Horse or Vault around your desk or kitchen table and and take a screenshot. Then share them with your friends and on our Vault 451 Facebook page. We’ll feature the best ones on our Facebook Vault 451 page!
About Vault 451
This augmented reality app was developed by the research and development team at Knowledge Vault as a fun technology showcase. Here at Knowledge Vault we use the latest technologies to build the web's best online community that businesses and organizations use to share and collaborate information and ideas. We make your organization come alive!

Alive Card: 1444
Horse: 41025
Orc: 11883
Card Vault: 270
Info: 25124
iOS: 13877
Android: 1642